Services- Our installers are part of our own company, we do our own installations, we don't sub-contract, they're fully insured and bonded, with years of experience of doing this on day to day basis. We fabricate all our orders in our factory with experienced fabricators.We do offer help to design your project for you,guide you to choose the right color and style that will make your home more beautiful and convenient to enjoy the dream that you have.

We are only 1 phone call away.

Goals And Promises-We do care for our customers, projects, services and needs to help them to achieve there goals and dreams for there homes new look. We promise to keep our loyal customers happy and complete with our fullest.

Our Slogan Is ***Best In Vinyl, Best In Quality,Best In Service ***

We Choose to use DURAMAX Vinyl Products becouse it is special engineered for the California Southwest Sun

As the leading Southwest manufacturer of Vinyl fencing, Durable design there vinyl products specifically to withstand the hot Southwestern sun. Duramax has been manufacturing in Southern California for25 years; they have perfected there vinyl materials to meet its extreme weather conditions.